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VPlatform API Integration


The VPlatform API provides a mechanism for client to use the VCode® and VPlatform functionality to create and manage VCodes and integrate with their own systems. The API allows Actions, Packages and permissions to be managed and assigned to VCodes along with allowing the client to retrieve statistics.

To use the VPlatform API, a partner token and a valid account are required along with a version of the development VCode mobile Application which is available for both iOS and Android.

Please Note: The API links referenced here are pointing to the VSTE staging platform and should only be used for development testing purposes. For production APIs a Volume usage account is required under a commercial agreement. Please contact VSTE via support@vstenterprises.com to discuss further.

Creating an account

To get started with the API, a user account is required. To create account please follow the steps below:

  • - Navigate to https://portal.vplatformtest.io
  • - Create an Account or Login if you already have one
  • - Click the menu link on the top right of the screen which has your username
  • - Select 'Application Form' on the menu and fill in the requested details
  • - Click request and a VSTE representative will review and approve your account

One approved, you will be sent a partner API token e.g. d98ce16d-7bb2-4eb5-8749-48b23d306fae which you can use to authenticate with the API.

API Authentication

To access the VPlatform API, navigate to https://api.vplatformtest.io/swagger/

You will be shown a page containing the Swagger definition of the API and all available endpoints.

To authenticate, click the 'Authorize' button at the top right of the screen, enter your partner token and click 'Authorize'. If authorization is successful, the screen will show 'Authorized' and you can use the API.

Certain endpoints require a valid user authentication token. To obtain one, select the '/auth/login' endpoint in the 'Auth' section of the Swagger definition, click 'Try it out', enter your username and password in the fields shown and click 'Execute'. If authentication is successful you will be given a token in the response body field. Copy this token, click the 'Authorize' button at the top right of the screen and end enter it into the 'Token' field then click authorize.

If both the partner token and user token are both authorized, all API endpoints will be available.

Development App for Mobile Devices

To be able to scan any VCodes created on the staging environment you will need a development version of the VCode App on your mobile device. Follow the instructions below for your platform (iOS / Android)


We use TestFlight to distribute development / beta versions of the VCode App. To be added to the TestFlight system please send your Apple ID email address to developers@vstenterprises.com and one of our team will add you to the system. Once added you will receive an email from Apple giving instructions on how to down load the TestFlight app and gain access to the VCode developer App.


To get the developer version of the VCode, email developers@vstenterprises.com and we will send a URL for download. You may need to allow installation of applications from unknown sources, in which case follow the instructions provided by your device.

Once the app is installed on your device you will be able to scan any VCodes created on the staging platform.

Please be aware that the VPlatform staging and production systems use different base URLs so VCodes created on the production environment can only be scanned using the production App and vice versa for the staging environment.

VCode® Mobile Device SDK

The VCode® mobile device SDK allows you to add the ability to scan and decoding of VCodes to your own mobile application while still maintaining all the security provided by VPlatform. To gain access to the SDK, please email developers@vstenterprises.com.

Download the app